Ray-Ban Stories is Facebook’s first smart story Glasses

JARVIS – Friday, is it you? Not yet, but close. Ray-Ban introduced the first Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses. These glasses can be used to take photos and videos, play music, send text messages, make calls, or broadcast live.

Cortesia de Facebook

On September 9, the public was presented with the technological glasses. They were designed to expand the social network that began in its original form and could one day become “metaverse”.

Rocco Basilico representing EssilorLuxottica, referred to this occasion as a historic milestone in which Ray-Ban technology, fashion, and creativity complement one another and create a truly unique product.

Photo: Credit to Facebook.

It is an old product. This product shows consumers that they don’t have to decide between fashion and technology. It allows them to live in the present and still stay connected, while also wearing Ray-Ban styles. This wearable device is a result of decades of hard work and dedication to innovation.

Speakers, cameras, touchpad, and Snapdragon chips included

Facebook commented on the glasses’ ability to make people feel closer to loved ones. This first version of the object lets us look at non-cellular ways to enhance everyday living.

Two dual 5MP cameras are used by Ray-Ban Stories to record images and videos up to 30 second in the first person. It is assumed that this was the same era as the Ironman lens.


A machine-learning system is used in the cameras section. The glasses will automatically improve the quality of photos and videos as they are worn.

The accessory includes speakers, microphones, a Snapdragon processor optimized for speed, and touchpad. A motion stabilizer is included to allow the glasses’ operation while the wearer walks, runs, or descends stairs.

A Beamforming battery is used for the sound. The noise suppression algorithm can be applied to the audio to enhance the quality. It’s similar to headphones. The accessory can be charged via its carry case.

What do they cost?

Photo: Credit to Facebook.

Ray-Ban Stories come in 20 versions of its classic designs. You can choose from light, sun, transition, or graduation tones. They are as discrete and elegant as you like.

The product will be available for sale in Australia, Canada and Ireland. The product’s first price is 299 USD (6 000 Mexican pesos). What do you think?

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