REPORT: The 2023 G60 BMW 5 Series will be “Normalized” Grilles

BMW’s latest designs are far removed from its heritage. The 7 Series, 7 Series, 4 Series and M3, 4 Series cars, as well as the M3, 4 Series, M4, M4, M4 and i4 models, all feature quirky designs which have been controversial since they were released. BMW enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the new-generation 5 Series will feature a traditional design with smaller kidney grilles.

Our sources say that the 5 Series’ next generation will have a much more modern design than the majority of new Bavarian metal. According to our sources, the design of the 5th generation will be “normal”.

What is “normal?”? This means that there are no big kidney grilles and it is very elegant with simple lines. There are no split headlights. This BMW will have a more classic look than some of its moderner siblings.

This is likely refreshing news for many BMW enthusiasts, as the outpouring of criticism for most new BMW designs hasn’t gone unnoticed in our comments section. Considering the 5 Series is one of the more beloved and bought cars in BMW’s portfolio, this news will affect a lot of customers.

Its interior will be identical to the 7 Series. Although it isn’t exactly useful, since no one has seen the interior of the 7 Series yet, it is nice to know that their cabin will be more luxurious.

We also found out that a BMW i5 will be coming in 2023. It is expected to have the same battery pack and features as the i4 or iX. It will weigh slightly more than the i4 and be lighter than the iX, but we don’t yet know what that means for the 5 Series. It will probably have sufficient range to compete. We don’t know the upcoming powertrain. We would guess that it will look similar to the i4, which has a rear-wheel-drive 350 horsepower model, and an all-wheel-drive 500 horsepower model.

We do know that the 5 Series will feature a normal BMW design. This rendering is one example. It is a good thing.

Publited Fri, 10 Sep 2021 at 18:00:47 +0000

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