Review of Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

Review of Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

Review of Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

The glory days of arcade boxing are long gone, much like Rocky Balboa. Heck, the first time Midway’s reputable Ready 2 Rumble Boxing wore its gloves, the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin was present. Justin Timberlake, however, was merely the tallest man in NSYNC. To put on a Marvel film, it was just Wesley Snipes watching a lot of vampires die.

Modern iterations just don’t have the same magic, and while Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions is an earnest enough, budget-priced trip back to 1999, developer Survios’ attempt to breathe a little life into unpretentious arcade pugilism that’s two decades past its prime is honestly pretty disappointing.

Survios is the second boxing licensed game by Survios based on Rocky and Creed’s film saga. The first being 2018’s highly-acclaimed VR game Creed: Rise to Glory. Creed: Rise to Glory is not Creed: Champions. Creed Champions, on the other hand, is a non-VR game. The two games share little except the similar array of fantasy boxers Survios has repurposed from Creed: Rise to Glory.

The Most Bleakest Victory

Creed Champions’ approach to sweet science is easy to grasp. There are two buttons for strikes and one button for special punches. A button to block can also be used. If you do it correctly, the button that doubles as a slip punches or land counter button will work. There are many styles for boxers, with a distinct difference in the way they fit together.

On the most difficult setting, button mashing is likely to suffice. If it fails, you can use powerful hooks and uppercuts. This is where your opponents can be more aggressive and are able to whip you with slip counters and combinations. This is where you need to play smarter by playing dodge, responding to your opponent’s counterpunches immediately with your own counterpunches, and double-checking that they are committed to punching you in the face before you activate your special attack. (This will stop them being able block it).

Creed Champions’ pick-up and play approach isn’t necessarily bad. However, it’s quite strange that your boxers are unable to make tiny movements while looking slow-motion. It is also annoying to me that AI can interrupt my punches by using their special punches. My character would see a brief wind-up scene, but then it would transition into my opponent’s wind-up scene, with my character being the one who would get his face buried. The AI’s ability to rise after three knockdowns is quite annoying. For me, it was possible to do so in a matter of seconds. However, my character would have to go into the wind-up vignette for his opponent. My character then had to cave in.

You can make a mistake in your heart

Creed Champions doesn’t look very impressive. The arenas are a bit boring and repetitive. Although the Delphi Gym’s wall pictures look authentic, they are the exact same on all walls. This is a very simple example, but it will give you an indication of how much attention you’ll pay to details.

However, the problem is that there are so few things to do. Each character has their own arcade tower, but as a Rocky fan, the ones that I found interesting were the one for Apollo and Rocky. I have no plans to play these characters again. Rocky’s story does not cover all films, except Rocky Balboa’s fight with Mason Dixon. It ends at Rocky IV. Ubisoft’s Rocky Legends 2004 also included Rocky V’s fight with Tommy Gunn.

Text boxes are used to tell the story. They also include simple grunts, exclamations and grunts. The boxers will perform a standard pose with one of a few emotions. Creed Champions looks more like a generic mobile game than a real one. It looks more like two clips of clipart fighting each other in a Monty Python interstitial. It is often sloppy in its approach, and dialogue switches between being assigned to the main character or a “narrator,” which are actually the exact same person. Training montages are used to break up matches, which are ineffective as the boxers don’t have any skills or stats. The score is meaningless.

It also conflicts with existing Rocky stories. It’s just an arcade style effect that makes Rocky, and the other characters in it, switch from southpaw to orthodox depending on which side they are on. As a big fan of the series, small things such as the opportunity to see the famous third secret fight between Apollo and Rocky in front of… many people made me cringe.

All Creed Champions have a Versus mode that allows you to fight against an AI opponent or your friend. There is also a training mode. Despite not having online functionality, training mode is limited to helping you become better at Creed Champions than those who live nearby or would be willing to come. Although you can have as much lightning and thunder as you like, if your mates are just going to crap all over you I doubt that they will want to continue playing Creed Champions.

Although there is some objectively amazing music in the movie, the rest of the music gets tedious almost immediately.

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