Samsung’s 55 inch ‘The Frame 4K TV can be purchased for hundreds of dollars Walmart

SAVE $312.49: Normally $1,499.99, Samsung’s 55-inch “The Frame” QLED 4K smart TV (2021) is on sale at Walmart for just $1,187.50 as of Sept. 10 — that’s a 21% savings.

Mounting a big, black rectangle in the middle of a wall is a surefire way to throw off your home decor, and guess what? Television manufacturers know it: TVs that don’t actually look like TVs packed the show floor at CES 2020 (the last time the annual trade show was held in person), as Mashable’s Brenda Stolyar reported.

Samsung isn’t the first to do this. Its minimalist 4K TVs, “The Frame”, double as wall art displays and serve as digital screens since 2017. This is the latest and thinnest iteration, but you can still order this model at Walmart for $1,187.50. That’s about 312 percent (or 21%) less than its recommended retail price of $1.499.99.

For comparison’s sake, Amazon’s only managed to bring it down to $1,297.99 twice before. (To add to that, there were just two of them left in stock there the last time we checked.)

The Frame, a stunning and gallery-worthy art mode aside, is an amazing display all by itself. It can be used for TV purposes. It is equipped with Quantum Dot (16-bit color mapping technology) for vibrant, detailed colors. The TV also features a Quantum Processor 4K, which automatically adjusts the picture and sound for any environment. The moral of this story is that your movies and TV shows will not look washed-out, regardless of whether they are in brightly lit rooms or darkened.

The Frame can display your own photos or any of the 1,400 pieces from Samsung’s Art Store. You have the choice to either purchase individual pieces, or to subscribe for the entire collection.

Save $312.49 at Walmart

Credit: Samsung

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