Status of the NBA 2K22 servers: 2K servers were down on release date

For those who want to play NBA 2K22 on the official release date, it is currently unavailable.

2K confirmed the availability of the game in some regions, but most users affected are located in North America.

There are thousands of complaints about connection problems with 2K servers. The support team is sharing the most recent news:

“NBA2K22 will not release all the features until your area is ready. If you have any issues after the game is released to your area, open a support ticket.

There is always a chance things may be a bit wobbly as NBA 2K22 launches globally.

A pre-order customer who was affected wrote: “It’s not really working. But I’m on the website that says the servers are okay.”

It is not clear how the impact on NBA 2K servers will last and what it could mean for other versions of NBA 2K, such as NBA 2K21.

The number of affected gamers is still low at the moment. This means that the outage may only last for a short time.


Publited Fri, 10 Sep 2021 at 04:25:00 +0000

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