The $30 million H2O Hospitality raises for lodging tech Startup funding this week

Every week, we feature travel startups who have received funding or are about to receive it. Sean O’Neill, Senior Travel Tech Editor at[email protected]If you are a funder,

Travel startups raised more than $46 millions this week.

>>H2O HospitalityA company called Managing Travel Accommodation for Owners has raised $30 Million (roughly 34 Billion Korean Won) through a Series C round.

Kakao Investment led the round, as did the Korea Development Bank. Gorilla PE and Intervest were also investors.

According to the startup, it has raised more than $45,000,000 since 2015 when it was founded.

H2O is based in Seoul and offers property management services on a white label basis. The company currently manages approximately 7,500 accommodation in Tokyo, Osaka Seoul Busan and Bangkok. It has larger dreams. It acquired ImGate, a contactless hotel solutions company and Replace, a local startup that serves the creator economy.

With its software and process, the company says it can reduce fixed costs while increasing sales. For a profile of the company, see Skift’s article: Why Japan’s Vacation Rentals Are Hiring Tech-Savvy Management Companies.

>>HeadoutThe company has received $12 million in funding for, which offers same-day reservations for activities and tours no matter where a user is using their mobile app.

Glade Brook Capital was the lead investor in this round. Version One Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners participated as well as FJ Labs.

It claims to provide Uber-like convenience, with HotelTonight-esque pricing and quick booking. This means that the startup promises exclusive last-minute deals and faster mobile checkouts than any other channel. Varun Khona, cofounder and CEO of the startup is a 30-year old digital nomad who travels around the globe building Headout. Although the company’s headquarters are in New York, its biggest office is located in Bangalore.

>>TickittoA $4.5 million seed round was closed by Ticketed, an online marketplace that connects businesses to sell tickets for events and experiences.

Vorwerk Ventures was the lead investor in this round. The round was also attended by SeedCamp, TriplePoint and angel investors.

Although the company is not strictly a startup in travel, it may be of interest to travel companies and online retailers. Tickitto uses similar principles as those used in consumer banking to source tickets for events. It claims that it makes it easier for brands to sell tickets for events outside their own sites or apps.

One travel sector company using Tickitto is Servantrip, a business-to-business consolidator in the tourism sector. Servantrip sells tickets and other events through Tickitto’s API (application programming interface or basically a data exchange way) to increase its inventory from different sources. The inventory can be resold by partners.

The company was founded by Dana Lattouf, the CEO. Formerly, she was an Accenture technology consultant analyst.

>>TravelokaThe online travel agency founded in Indonesia, ‘Travel Agency Online’.Talks ended in violenceA potential deal worth $400 million with a blank check business backed by Peter Thiel, the billionaire founder and CEO of PayPal. Also, the agency invested in Series B financing round.SircloSoftware and consultancy firm, located in Jakarta, that allows small businesses to open multiple online shops and maintain them easily.DealStreetAsia.

>>TravelportThis product can be paired withAmazon Web ServicesTo support startups in travel.

Skift Cheat sheet:
A startup is a business that was established to develop a repeatable, scalable business model. This definition is rare. Venture capital is attracted to the very few companies that are fortunate enough. They receive funding in waves.

Seed capitalMoney used to fund a company, usually led by angel investors or friends.

Series AVenture capitalists are often the source of financing. This round is designed to assist startup founders in ensuring that the product they offer customers really wants to purchase.

Series BVenture capitalists help companies grow quicker by financing. This funding round can help in recruiting qualified workers as well as developing effective marketing strategies.

Series CFinance is usually about helping companies expand. Hedge funds, investment banks and private equity companies often take part in VC funding.

Series D,Beyond EThese are mainly older businesses, and funding rounds may be used to help companies prepare for going public or being acquired. There are many types of private investors that might be interested in participating.

Photo credit: Guest room in a luxury resort in Jeongseon (South Korea) that adopted the H2O Hospitality software. H2O Hospitality

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