These are three simple tips for packing your luggage from a flight attendant Easy ways to “stay organized”


These are three simple tips for packing your luggage from a flight attendant
Easy ways to "stay organized"

It can be stressful to pack for a family trip, particularly if it is your first time. From luggage weight and size restrictions to ensuring everyone has all of the items they will need, staying organised can be a difficult feat.

It is important to weigh your luggage before you leave for the airport.

Many times, passengers will be charged an extra fee for luggage exceeding the airline’s baggage allowance.

Hand luggage that is overweight may need to be checked in. This can cost more than PS50.

British Airways charges PS65 per excess baggage at airports, while Ryanair charges a maximum of PS59.00 for each additional kilo.

Packing cubes are a great idea.

You can easily separate items in your bag with packing cubes without taking up much space.

They are especially useful for families flying together, as Ms Kamalani noted.

She said, “You will want packing cubes in order to identify who’s stuff is which and organize things.”

Ms Kamalani recommended that packing cubes be labeled so items don’t get lost or mixed up.

It is something that the flight attendant claims she does on every flight.

She stated, “Flight attendants are always on the move and my best tip is to stay organized.” My method is to label everything, especially family members. My kids get orange, I get pink.”

Use plastic wrap to wrap jewellery.

While accessories are an essential part of vacation attire, they can also be easily lost or become tangled.

Ms Kamalani suggests digging in your kitchen drawers for a solution.

She said, “Bag your jewelry in plastic wrap to prevent it from getting tangled.”

You can use clear, self-adhesive or cling film commonly available in craft shops.

Lay your bracelets or watches flat on half the surface using a strip of plastic or film from the roll.

Simply fold in half the plastic so the jewelry items are sandwiched between the two sheets.

It should hold everything in place.

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