This Lego Super Mario set is going to be discontinued soon

All ages love Lego sets and many of them are sought after by their fans.

Lego Super Mario sets, which are relatively recent additions to the world of bricks following Star Wars, Marvel, and DC, are Lego Super Mario.

There aren’t many game franchises who have been accepted into the Lego community. Minecraft is one example.

Rumours abound that there are more Super Mario Lego sets in development. This could be due to the fact that some of them are being retired here in the UK.

Official Lego website lists several sets that are available for removal.

  • Boomer Bill Barrrage Expansion Set
  • The Whomp’s Lava Trouble Extension Set
  • The Builder Mario Power-Up Pack

These are not the most costly or largest items, but they can be purchased by anyone who is interested.

As stock is available, there’s no fixed time when the Lego Mario sets are going to be retired.

We don’t even know what will replace them, as Lego is moving on to new projects.

Fans who want more are happy to hear that Lego Super Mario sets are very well-received.

Fans were thrilled to hear that Super Mario was coming back in 2020. Lego confirmed this in March.

“Lego Super Mario, which combines digital and physical play in a unique way was launched by the company in August 2020. It quickly became one of its most popular theme launches.”

Another statement added that digital products would see further growth.

We know that Lego bricks are loved by both children and adults, and this will continue to be our core business. Today’s kids are growing up digitally and seamlessly meld online and offline play.

“We are committed to further developing our abilities in this field so that we can meet evolving demands of consumers and retail partners now and over the long-term.”

It seems probable that more Lego sets will hit shelves from the gaming world in 2021 after such an impressive debut.

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