This meme, titled “yikes! Unfollowing Now”, is a fictionalized version of the meme. characters’ cancellable backgrounds

This is a reality of online life. You will eventually realize that a person who you have followed, whether it be for a harmless joke or to see a random clip they posted, has a dark past. You need to remove them from your social media accounts.

While it is a part of being online, this experience can also be quite telling. People feel the urge to post things online like “oops, didn’t mean” to clean their hands. It’s not possible to check the background of every person you follow. And yes, people sometimes miss what makes someone clearly Not Good. It’s quite funny to watch people switch from liking this person to loathing them in a matter of seconds.

The idea was quickly shared online by people who made it into a meme. The idea became popular on Twitter, where people would write things like “Yikes.” You can unfollow me now. There was no …”. Then, usually, you fill in the remainder with some type of fiction character.

The meme is a close cousin of the recent meme about softblocking people. You can find the unfollow version everywhere, with almost every pop culture reference that you could think of.

It feels as if everyone and everything has gone unfollowed in the short time since the meme went viral. This has become an assessment of your cultural, political, and historical knowledge. Go ahead and search “unfollowing now” on Twitter and be tested on how many you can decipher.

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