This would be unacceptable in any country on the planet! In Brexit revenge, EU could unleash fury on UK

On Thursday, Donaldson used his keynote speech to attack the Northern Ireland Protocol. This is a hated section of the Brexit agreement by unionists. __S.2__

Mr Donaldson’s move is believed to demonstrate “significant hardening in the DUP position” and place the burden on London and Brussels.

Although Unionists are known to be against the Protocol, the necessity to respond now to the Protocol has highlighted that “stakes couldn’t be higher”, Mr Donaldson said.

In his keynote speech Mr Donaldson stated that “there are some who believe the Protocol will stay” and that it should be strictly implemented.

“Whilst there are others who believe that tinkering around the edges with a few mitigations will suffice.

“However, what flows from the Protocol is so fundamental and the problems that it creates so great that the consequences of adopting such a strategy, I believe, would damage Northern Ireland and our future prospects.”

Many Britons are angry at the DUP’s rumoured plan to end power-sharing arrangements.

Britons flocked in their hundreds in protest to’s article on the DUP proposals.

A reader of wrote that there are only two credible ways to solve this problem.

READ MORE: Economist lays out truth about Brexit impact reader’s opinions were shared by Mr Donaldson in his keynote speech. He stated that “absence of real progress” is a reason why we can not remain in political limbo.

Donaldson stated that the Protocol was “not just a threat the economic and constitution integrity of the United Kingdom but it has real-world impacts on our economy.”

A second comment said: “If EU doesn’t agree with British requirements, then the UK government would be revoking NIP and declaring it null and unenforceable.”

A second reader stated: “The international recognised border between the UK and EU lies at the Eire – Northern Ireland boundary. “

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