UK calls for mandatory car dash cameras “Time to act is now”

The Department for Transport statistics show that there were approximately 1,580 road fatalities in the twelve months ending June 2020. This includes three months of a national lockdown. There were 24,470 killed or seriously injured casualties in reported road traffic accidents for the year ending June 2020.

This is an 11 percent decrease compared with the year ended June 2019. However, a quarter was locked down when road crime plummeted.

At all severity levels, the total casualties were 131 200.

The UK is legal to use dash cams. They can be used in many cases to protect drivers and help with insurance claims.

The dash cam should not be in the way of the driver’s vision when driving.

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A spokesperson for spoke of the need for dash cams for the sake of driver and pedestrian safety.

Then they said, “Up and Down the Country every day, hundreds of incidents occur on our roads that result in minor, major, or even fatal injuries or death.”

We would love to see the Government mandate that every driver has a dash camera in their car as an additional layer of protection to themselves, passengers, and other road users.

On average, 67 people are seriously hurt or killed every day on UK roads – this is 67 people whose lives have been destroyed along with their families.

We feel now is the right time to take action.

Mandatory dash cameras are designed to increase road safety. It also encourages safer driving.

For incidents on UK roads, police are asking increasingly for dash camera footage.

Many cases have been reported in media that dash camera footage was used to combat carjacking and road rage.

For example, car-sharing motorists must notify everyone who has one if they have a dash camera installed. This can sometimes record audio and video inside their vehicle.

If road users violate traffic rules, their dashcam footage may be recorded and used against them.

The national dashcam safety portal is also available to drivers. This allows dashcam owners to quickly submit their footage to any authorities.

You can purchase dash cameras from many high-street retailers and most online shops starting at PS25.

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