Virgin Media wins broadband speed battle against Sky and BT Tests

Virgin Media offers the best broadband download speeds in the country. According to a recent Ofcom study, Virgin Media users experience faster download speeds than customers who use rival services such as Sky and BT. Research into the performance of UK home broadband found that Virgin Media’s 516Mbps service has the fastest average download speed.

Virgin’s offering had a median download speed of 490.3Mbps and a 473.3Mbps average 24-hour download speed.

BT was the closest competitor from a competing service. Its 300 Mbps Full-Fibre Package offered a 299.9 Mbps average download speed as well as a 297.7 Mbps average in 24 hours.

In a post online outlining their findings, Ofcom said this means BT customers may experience “more consistent download speeds”.

Virgin Media came out ahead when it comes to download speeds. However, the research revealed that BT has the fastest upload speeds.

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BT’s full-fibre 300 Mbps service was the fastest, with upload speeds of 50.6 Mbps and 50.4 Mbps.

Virgin Media’s 516Mbps download speed was the fastest, but upload speeds were comparable to its 362Mbps service (around 36 Mb).

Despite BT being the clear winner, internet users can still benefit from faster download speeds. This will allow web pages to load quicker, video and movie downloads to be completed more quickly, and streaming in high resolutions like 4K.

Ofcom summarized its findings about broadband providers by saying: “Virgin Media’s 516 Mbit/s package provided the fastest median 24-hour download speed (490.3 Mbit/s), while BT’s 300 Mbit/s full fibre service had the greatest median upload speed (500.6 Mbit/s).

The study looked also at average download speeds for homes in the UK.

The average download speed for homes in the UK is now 50.4Mbps, according to the study.

It was measured in March 2021, and represents a 20 percent increase compared with November 2019.

Ofcom stated that this is due to more people switching to ultrafast or superfast services, and the rise in home-based workers caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

Yih-Choung Teh is the Ofcom group director of strategy and research. He stated that “over two million households upgraded their internet packages since the pandemic started, and broadband companies are racing to satisfy the UK’s demand for speed.”

The UK’s network infrastructure is being upgraded at an unprecedented rate. However, our data shows that there is much work to be done to bring decent broadband access to rural areas of the UK.

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