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What happens when the traffic lights are CRAPPED? Review? Key changes predicted by experts

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What happens when the traffic lights are CRAPPED?
Review? Key changes predicted by experts

Are the traffic lights expected to be removed at the next review of the system?

An anonymous Government insider claims that ministers have discussed plans to mix the green and amber lists.

This is however not likely to occur before October 1.

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The Government declared that the Traffic Light System would be reviewed in October when it was first created.

The Telegraph was informed by a source that had been briefed on the plans. He said: “It’s not about the country where you travel to, it’s whether or not you have been vaccinated.”

It means that amber and green disappear, and only your vaccination status will be considered for travel.

For a person who has been vaccinated, all other countries except red are considered ‘green’.

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It means you might have to travel to green countries if your vaccinations are not up-to-date.

There is a psychological benefit to the fact that many people believe amber travel is dangerous. If it were to disappear, they may feel more inclined to travel to XYZ.

Simon Calder spoke on the Green List Travel Podcast and stated that there have been many leaks by politicians or fringes in the travel industry, so the entire system that regulates international travel to Britain could be scrapped.

These leaks were extremely disappointing.”

He said, “The leaks indicate that they are only tinkering around with travel restrictions.”

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“I strongly believe that fundamental changes are required to eliminate the incoherent and costly rules.

You can speed up the process of testing, and in fact move many European countries into that super-green category. There is no quarantine or testing for arriving people.

“At the minimum, you should have a day-two PCR test if your travels are from lower risk countries. It is not going to do any good and will cost you a lot.

Publited Fri, 10 Sep 2021 at 11:19:09 +0000

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