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A new superfast broadband company will challenge BT, Sky and TalkTalk It’s already on your street

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A new superfast broadband company will challenge BT, Sky and TalkTalk
It's already on your street

A new provider of broadband is available, and most likely it’s already in your area. File Sanctuary, a Middlesbrough company that offers full-fibre internet is offering it for the first-time. The speeds range from 67Mbps (which is slightly less than the average download speed at 71Mbps earlier in this year) to a maximum speed of 900Mbps.

File Sanctuary bundles come with unlimited downloads so there are no extra fees if you want to download an operating system or stream Netflix every day.

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File Sanctuary may be available right now in your local area, which is a great thing. The brand relies on BT’s Openreach network which covers approximately 84 percent homes in England. File Sanctuary should be able to reach millions within days of its launch. This is faster than the other network builders, such as CityFibre and Zzoomm.

File Sanctuary is only available to those areas in which Openreach has made the upgrade of their cable infrastructure to full-fibre gigabit capable. The connection between the broadband provider and the house, as well as the internet, is made with fibre-optic cables. This replaces the old copper telephone lines. Gigabit speeds of 1,000Mbps are possible. Because copper cables are susceptible to weather effects, full-fibre connections can prove more reliable.

The government finally recognizes the importance of fast broadband. 

Openreach currently has connections to approximately 4.6 million premises to its gigabit-capable, full-fibre network. This number is expected to grow to 25,000,000 by December 2026. There are plenty of customers available for File Sanctuary, the new kid-on-the block file sanctuary.

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File Sanctuary has a minimum 12-month term. This is half the time you will get from BT to receive the same speeds on the same network. This means that you can shop around to find better speeds or deals much quicker.

File Sanctuary’s customer service is based in the UK and supports both IPv4 as well as IPv6 addresses.

The only problem is that signing up won’t give you a free broadband router. File Sanctuary allows you to provide your own broadband router. If you have already purchased a setup like Amazon Eero or Google Nest Wifi, this is not an issue. If you have only used the default router that was sent to you by your provider, it’s an additional expense that you will need to consider.

File Sanctuary prices start at PS40.80 per month for download speeds of 67Mbps. This price rises to PS45.60 per month for 300Mbps download speeds and PS50.40 for 500Mbps. Finally, the final cost is PS55.20 for file transfer speeds up to 900Mbps. BT charges PS59.99 per month for its 900Mbps package. However, there’s currently a deal where that cost drops to PS54.99 over the course of our 24-month agreement.

Publited Sat, 11 Sep 2021 at 10:58.06 +0000

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