“A slippery slope” Pensioners worry that the free NHS prescription age will rise AGAIN

During an exclusive interview, Dennis Reed, Director of Silver Voices, stated the group oppose the plans to raise the free NHS prescription age. Many people reach their 60s and need to take medication to treat or prevent certain conditions. He said that they start to need to take more medication to avoid more severe illness.

It’s crazy …” to try and save some million dollars here and there.

Silver Voices member Mr Reed is concerned about more than the possibility that people might choose not to take certain medications they’ve been given. Future age changes are another concern.

The current state pension age is 66 for men and 66 for women. However, there are plans to make this age rise to 67 for those who qualify and then to 68 for those who do not.

For Mr Reed, it is a concern that this could lead to an increase in the NHS’s free prescription age.

It’s alarming because, once you’ve started down this road, who’s to say that the Government won’t go?


It’s dangerous and we do not want it to happen. “We don’t wish to hear anyone say that.”

According to the Government’s website, the consultation “Aligning NHS prescription fee exemptions at the state pension age with the upper age of the NHS” has been closed.

The consultation stated that the Department for Health and Social Care would collect and review all the responses. After analyzing all responses, the department will submit a recommendation to Secretary of State Health and Social Care. This will help decide whether or not to implement any of the changes suggested.

The outcome of the consultation would usually be made public within three months from the closing date of the consultation.

Health charities, the Royal College of General Practitioners and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society joined forces to publish an open letter urging the Government not to increase the age of eligibility for prescriptions free of charge in England to 60.

It was stated that there is a “deeply shared concern” about the possibility of eliminating prescription fees for people aged 60-65. This would increase existing health inequalities and could have devastating effects on older persons’ health.

Caroline Abrahams is Age UK’s Charity Director. She stated that the Government will raise enough money to pay for the NHS, but the extra costs of the NHS will easily offset the savings if some people don’t take their medications and get sicker faster.

Tens of thousands could need hospital treatment because of rationing their food. This is really a terrible idea and will most likely hit those who are poor or have low incomes.

Many of us will be advised by doctors when we are in our mid to late sixties to use medicines that have been proven safe and effective for keeping potentially dangerous health conditions under control.

It is obvious that some people won’t act upon symptoms, or seek a diagnosis, if the Government accepts its proposals. They fear that they may not be able to pay for long-term, lifesaving, or symptom relieving medication. “The Government needs to reconsider.”

Thorrun Govind (Royal Pharmaceutical Society English Pharmacy Board Chair) stated: “The proposal for raising the age at which people are eligible to receive free prescriptions to 60 from 66 means many more people will feel the effects of this tax on sick people at precisely the moment when they might be in need of more medicine.

It is not acceptable to increase the price of prescriptions when so many people have been affected by the pandemic. These proposals will only increase the health inequalities highlighted by COVID-19.

The RPS would love to see prescription fees in England completely abolished, regardless of age, just as in Scotland or Wales.

Express.co.uk. AT THE TIME. A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Care stated that the age at which people in England get prescription free has not changed from 1974 to 1995. We are currently consulting about aligning this exemption from prescription fees with the state’s pension age.

We continue to protect those most in need and we offer support for people on low incomes and recipients of certain benefits.

“Almost 90% of all prescriptions dispensed in England’s community were free in 2019, and other exclusions are available for pregnant or new mothers and certain medical conditions.”

According to the Department, there are no other proposed changes in existing exemption fees.

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