Adam Cole discusses AEW’s mainstream recognition after Everything

AEW All Out 2021 was a big deal in wrestling. Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole made their debuts and CM Punk made his return to the ring. The pay-per view was covered by major outlets such as ESPN.

In light of the mainstream attention AEW was garnering, Adam Cole was asked on Busted Open Radio about his thoughts. To illustrate, the former NXT champion provided a personal account.

“I am able to speak on the subject, which is quite crazy. So I’m sure that many people who follow my Twitch channel know that I have a Twitch channel. Twitch, which is very popular among 18-35 men, and I have one since a while, was my first All Out appearance. I streamed the following day and it was almost quadruple what I usually do. Adam Cole said that this is a testimony to the type of people and how much mainstream attention AEW receives, even within the Twitch environment.

Adam Cole thinks that AEW is helping them by being themselves

Interviewer said that AEW tried to gain mainstream attention by using major names such as Mike Tyson or Shaquille Oleal but this never happened in sustained ratings.

Adam Cole said that AEW just puts out fantastic shows which will help them get mainstream attention.

Like you, ESPN, and all the other outlets, just by running their shows so AEW now has the reach, I have seen it first-hand in addition to the company seeing the same thing so often instead. Adam Cole said, “It’s such an exciting thing to be part of.”

Adam Cole will face the Elite Hunter Frankie Kazarian, on Wednesday, on AEW Dynamite. This is his debut in the ring, following a fight that broke out during the Dynamite last episode between the Elite Hunter and Jurassic Express.

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