After a fatal stabbing, a grieving family is left cleaning up the bloodstains on the streets.

On Thursday, the victim aged 18 was discovered with serious stab wounds in the vicinity of Spinney Hills, Leicester. Police had cordoned off a large area of the neighbourhood for most of the day and, though this was removed, the street was still bloodstained.

Police allowed members of the community to enter the neighborhood after they had organized a vigil at the location around 5pm. After seeing the bloodstains in the street, friends and family, along with the brothers of the victims, decided that they could not leave the area without cleaning it up.

Although Leicestershire Police have apologised, the incident has caused “angry and distress” among friends.

Shareefa Energie, a youth worker, told the story: “His brothers and friends were cleaning his blood, they are already in shock.

I thought, “Where is the trauma support for these boys?” “

Leicestershire Live photographs show residents using jet washers and hose pipes to remove stains.

Kirk Master, Labour councillor in the Stoneygate Ward, attended the Vigil.

According to him, he had spoken with an officer about cleaning the streets at that time but “by then the damage was done”.

He added that the community had done it and handled it brilliantly.

“I requested, as minimum, on behalf of my family, for both a public and personal apology for the affected persons which the police have done.”

A thorough investigation into the facts surrounding the matter will be conducted.

Julia Debenham, Assistant Chief Constable shared an apology on social media today. She said that she wanted to apologize unreservedly for the young man’s family, friends, and other community members who helped clean up the bloodstains from the pavement and roads last night.

This must have been very distressing.

It is completely unacceptable that this error occurred and I have requested an immediate inquiry into the circumstances.

Our top priority is to investigate this horrible crime and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

The death investigation has been launched by police and inquiries are ongoing.

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