Brexit Britain will ‘cement” science superpower status by LEADING Europe’s new space mission

TRUTHS will take place under the leadership of the UK Space Agency and be delivered by European Space Agency. It will see a satellite sent into orbit to be used as a space-based climate observatory. It will collect energy from the Sun and light reflecting off the Earth’s surface. This will help scientists and governments around the globe to make better climate change predictions and changes to policy.

The project, which has taken almost 20 years to complete, is expected to be the beginning of UK’s dominance in global climate innovation.

Paul Green, a scientist and co-worker on the TRUTHS technology mission said to that it “cement[s] the UK’s scientific expertise in climate change.”

This building is not only based on UK expertise but also enhances and propels it forward.”

Green stated that satellite would also be a benchmark for future similar missions on an international level.

He said: “If we have the satellite data that is as good as any other to understand the UK’s net zero targets, we will be able to maintain our international leadership in the climate problem.”

Original idea came from Professor Nigel Fox of the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, a leading center for measuring science. The NPL is the world’s first “climate-and-calibration laboratory in space”.

Airbus UK won a contract for the preparation of the probes, which will be collected in November.

The Government backed it and ESA selected them to direct their TRUTHS mission.

Prof Fox told “It’s a great statement of UK innovation and a flagship of the UK to be a global leader in Earth observation data.

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Although there are satellites already in orbit that can provide data on climate, the TRUTHS mission is expected to improve data accuracy by 10 times.

Professor Fox described it as an “epoch-changing concept”.

This comes nearly a year since Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, unveiled his Ten Point Plan for a new “science superpower” following Brexit.

Johnson stated that he wants to incite a “green industrial revolution”, to achieve the legally binding net zero goal by 2050.

Publited Sat, 11 September 2021 at 07:00:00 +0000

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