DWP benefit claimants may be eligible for a PS1,500 payment increase – Are you eligible?

William Ford, the lawyer representing claimants, has specifically criticized the government’s inability to provide financial support for some of the most vulnerable people of this country.

Ford stated that he was pursuing the legal challenge because the pandemic meant those who are dependent on basic allowances face higher living costs. Yet, despite being in very similar situations, only a few receive a Covid-specific boost to meet these costs.

This injustice requires a well-supported justification. The pandemic is affecting almost 2 million people with disabilities.

“The Government has so far failed to give any objectively verified reason why people are treated differently in almost identical situations.”

Human Rights Watch International (HRW) emailed MPs earlier this month to inform them that cutting the PS20 to Universal Credit would violate the UK’s international obligations in human rights.

Publited Sat, 11 Sep 2021 at 13:31:23 (+0000).

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