Expert advice: 7 signs of migraines that could indicate a serious headache

Migraines can cause 25 million lost work days or school days per year in the UK. This is an estimated economic loss of PS2.3 billion. The treatment options for this condition are not available as scientists still haven’t identified the exact brain areas to treat. The sporadic nature and long-lasting symptoms of migraines makes it difficult to study them. spoke to Ross Perry, a GP and medical director of Cosmedics. He explained the signs that a headache could be life-threatening.

Dr Perry said: “There’s a lot of types of headaches like migraines, sinusitis, hormonal headaches (hormone headaches), hormone headaches), caffeine headaches post-traumatic headaches rebound headaches and hypertension.

Most people will experience at least one of these symptoms once in their lives.

“Migraines” are mild-to-severe headaches. They can be caused by one side of your head. This can make it difficult to see and cause severe pain.

They are often described by symptoms such as nausea and visual changes, including flashing lights and tunnel vision. “

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Since the diagnosis of COVID-19, headaches are a growing concern. __S.13__

Patients often present to the emergency department for relief of severe migraine pain. However, 90% are considered normal. __S.15__

Warning signs

Most headaches can be considered primary, meaning that they are not linked to any underlying conditions. __S.18__

Health bodies emphasize that the identification of those headache sufferers who are at risk of developing a serious condition is vital.


Life-threatening headaches will often be accompanied with six other symptoms

Dr Perry said: “You should seek immediate medical attention if any of these symptoms occur alongside your headache.

If your headaches keep coming back, or if you feel your pain is getting worse and the painkillers are not working, it’s important that you see a doctor. “

Secondary headaches can be rare but they should be treated promptly.

It was previously believed that common complaints were a psychosomatic disorder, which is an inability or unwillingness to deal with stress. __S.27__

A Harvard professor suggested migraines could be caused by an interaction of the trigeminal nervous, which senses pain from the brain and the face and head nerves. __S.29__

Dr Perry stated that migraines are caused by spasms of blood vessels in brain/neck. __S.31__

The treatment of migraine is primarily preventive. If the symptoms become severe, the only way to treat them is to rest in darkness and have an analysis done. “


While there are some common triggers that you should avoid, it is important to remember to take care of your body.

Dr Perry said, “To avoid them, you must recognize if they’re about to happen and take preventive medicine. To keep your health, drink plenty of fluids. Avoid excessive stress or alcohol.

There are some things that can reduce the severity and onset of migraines, such as regular exercise and water intake. __S.39__

Try to reduce stress by doing breathing exercises and practicing yoga.

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