How to make an IGTV series


You might be wrong if you think you won’t ever make your own television series.

It’s IGTV. It’s kinda like television, but it’s also on Instagram. Which, when you consider it, is essentially tiny TV. You don’t have to write a pilot, pitch it to the internet, hoping it is noticed by someone important. It will be enough to make a TV network spend how much money it casts, produces, broadcasts.

All that is unnecessary? It’s possible to create your own series for IGTV. This is how.

1. Tap the “+” button at the top of your Instagram page.

The add content button
Credit: screenshot: instagram

2. 2. Select “IGTV Video.

Select “IGTV” Video.
Credit: screenshot: instagram

3. Upload a video you have in your library.

4. Scroll to the bottom and select a cover photo. Tap “Next.” Scroll down to select a cover image, and tap “Next.”

Scroll to select your cover image.
Credit: screenshot: instagram

5. Add a title to your video.

6. Once you are done tap on “Add to Series”. You can also click “Add to Series”

From the video menu, tap “Add to Series”
Credit: screenshot: instagram

7. Next, click “Create Your First Series”. Click “Create Your First Series”

Tap “Create Your First Series” at the bottom of the screen.
Credit: screenshot: instagram

8. Give your series a title and a description. Next, tap on “Create.” Next, tap “Create.

Give your new IGTV series a snazzy title.
Credit: screenshot: instagram

9. Your series title, and episode number, should now appear in the video menu under “Add to Series”.

Under “Add to Series”, your series title and episode numbers will be displayed. You can add to your series title and episode number under “Add to Series.”
Credit: screenshot: instagram

10. At the bottom, tap “Post to IGTV”.

The new series will be displayed on your profile between the “post” and “tagged posts” sections.

There ya go! You’re now the creator/writer/director of your own IGTV series, so…you’re a TV executive if my math adds up right. It does, at least according to me. Big Shot, don’t forget the small people.

Publited Sat, 11 Sep 2021 at 18:21.44 (+0000).


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