Private Cristiano Ronaldo for Sir Alex Ferguson, Man Utd’s icon Comments ahead of Newcastle

Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson told Sam Allardyce that Cristiano Ronaldo was destined to be a superstar before he tore Bolton apart on his first debut for the club in 2003. The Portugal international is primed to make his second bow against Newcastle today. Fans are excitedly awaiting his spectacular homecoming.

Manchester United is expected to be strong today in Newcastle.

David De Gea will start as goalkeeper, with a back four consisting of Aaron Wan–Bissaka (Raphael Varane), Harry Maguire, and Luke Shaw.

It’s possible that Nemanja Matic, Bruno Fernandes, and Paul Pogba will play in midfield.

United will start Ronaldo alongside Jadon Sancho, Mason Greenwood, and Mason Greenwood.

Ronaldo’s Return is for many the most important story of the day.

And, ahead of his second debut, people involved in his first appearance back in 2003 have spoken to The Athletic.


Former Bolton boss Allardyce is one of them. He revealed that Ferguson had tipped Ronaldo towards the top in a private conversation just before the forward was unleashed.

He said that he had had tea with Sir Alex prior to the game.

We’d been told he had signed for quite a bit of money as a teenager.

They had played together in Portugal as a preseason friend and although he was already on the radar it sealed the deal for Sir Alex.

It wasn’t cheap at that time. At PS12 million, a lad of that age was considered to be a high-ranking citizen.

We saw him as a sub. The experience was not pleasant. It’s a story about a player that made a huge difference for United.


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That day, Nicky Butt was replaced by Ronaldo.

He also spoke out about the 36-year old, saying that he had seen him in training. His ability to dribble and little skills were some of his techniques to escape from people.

He was instructed to accelerate the ball because he would be hacked.

He said that it was all part of his learning process — knowing when and how to move the ball. That comes with experience.

He never gave up, no matter how many kicks he received. He was always there to help others.

A full-back might kick him 7 or 8 times per 15 minutes in training, but he would still be running at you the next time. He was born with it. He was determined, strong-willed and super talented.

When you are a rookie player, or have just signed up, your personality, your touch and your aggression will all be tested. This isn’t a deliberate thing.

The manager doesn’t say, “Go give him some kicks or make sure that he isn’t a loner.” We did exactly what we said.

Every great team tests each other in different ways. This is how you can become more connected.

“Cristiano was evaluated. “Can you do a few kicks?” You’ll make them feel worse than we did in training. He’s trying to help you.

He was quite light back then. “He needed to gain weight, but his potential was untapped.”

Ryan Giggs believes that Ronaldo “never cared” about his English football education.

He said, “He would sometimes go down easily even during training.”

He realized that he couldn’t get away with this.

He trained with Scholesy. He was tough and never shied away from a challenge.

“In the first season, Sir Alex told me off. They could get quite fiesty.

Cristiano was running along the left wing as I came across him from the middle. My slide tackle was perfect and we were flying. Although it was probably too intense for training, it was very common.

I can still recall the gaffer giving me a free kick, and then giving me a bollocking. “I turned and asked the gaffer, “What’s your problem?” It was a great tackle.

He could clearly see my eyes and knew that it was a great tackle. But he grabbed me and told me to be cautious.

Ronnie said, “But Ronnie, the important thing is that he was not rolling around. He didn’t care. “Give me the ball.”

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