Row with Emma Raducanu: ITV’s AdilRay sparks massive backlash about tennis star’s Romanian roots

The controversial tweet was sent by Ray on Friday, and received a flood of responses from users on Twitter. __S.2__

The initial tweet from Mr Ray received a large response.

A Twitter user could not conceal their disgust at the tweet and said, “As usual Mr Ray still trying to make an race row where one does not exist!”

Another Twitter user pointed out how the tweet was a generalisation as they said: “That’s a sweeping generalisation, we don’t all think like that- surely fighting prejudice is about not making generalisations?”

A Twitter user commented: “Absurd. Is it possible that Raducanu isn’t British? Oder that the UK’s Romanian span aren’t Romanian span?

Ms Raducanu will play Leylah Florandez in Sunday’s final at the US Open. The 18-year old defeated Maria Sakkari, in the semi-finals of each of four majors.

Celebrities took to twitter to celebrate Emma Raducanu’s win in the semi-final. Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher tweeted: “Can you dig it congratulations Emma Raducanu, c’mon LG.”

Adil Ray’s tweet continued to draw attention to the problems. One user responded: “Not certain that’s true.” Emma Raducanu was born in Romania and has been living here since age 2. Any builder/waitress who has lived in the UK since she was 2 years old would be considered the same .”

Another called the tweet “either attention-seeking or trouble causing”, due to its connotations.

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The team continues to say that Sir Andy Murray was “British when he wins, Scottish when he loses” and that the headlines are different from “Leading British tennis player making his way quickly to the last stages of the tournament to “Unlucky Scottish beaten in final”.

However, tweets dating back to 2010 seem to confirm this assertion. One user said at that time, “So #Wimbledon ends and Andy Murray is a Scottish semi-finalist, not an English champion.”

In 2009, another user wrote: “How long before Andy Murray becomes a British tennis legend and a Scottish tennis loser?”

Sir Andy was the Wimbledon Champion for the first-time in 2013, and again won the title in 2016. A US Open victory in 2012 is one of his career highlights.

Tweets about Sir Andy becoming British or Scottish based on the outcomesof tournament match seemed to have started around 2008. One user wrote: “The beauty in Andy Murray, if Andy wins, he’s British. If he loses, he’s Scottish!”

In 2008, another user posted that they were amused at Murray’s British-based tennis wins and Scottish losses.

Even though it’s late this year, there are still tweets about Sir Andy’s tennis views. They said that Andy Murray had put it well. He’s British when he wins. He’s Scottish .”

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