Scientist reveals the secret to life after death


Scientist reveals the secret to life after death

Dr Aspell said, “We have quite a lot of fun doing that in the laboratory.”

You can also try the VR experience at home if you have a VR headset, camera, or webcam.

Sometimes, the response to an effect can be quite strong. Dr Aspell however stated that not all people react the same.

Try not to keep it going for too long.

Dr Aspell cautioned that hours of replicating the effect could trigger dissociative states, especially in those who are more vulnerable.

Exposure to prolonged exposure can lead to depersonalization, a mental condition that causes people not only to feel disconnected from their own selves but also could cause them psychological problems.

The technique has potential therapeutic uses, which the expert explores through research supported by The Bial Foundation and Versus Arthritis.

Publited Sat, 11 September 2021 at 15:01:00. +0000


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