Simon Rimmer: “We weren’t invincible” Simon Rimmer claims he nearly went Bankruptcy after getting ‘too confident’

Sunday Brunch presenter Simon Rimmer, 58, has opened up about a difficult period in his life in the ’90s when he nearly went bankrupt after becoming “too cocky” with his plans to expand his restaurant empire. On her podcast White Wine Question Time Kate Thornton interviewed the celebrity chef about how he once was “three days from foreclosure” on his home and that he also had a twelve-month-old daughter with Ali.

Simon spoke about his 1991 opening of Greens, a vegetarian restaurant.

Kate was told by him that he didn’t understand what he was doing and that a lot of people ignored the rules.

The chef explained that Greens’ success led to him and his team opening two more restaurants, but he was too enthusiastic.

He stated that the next pivotal moment was when we became cocky. We opened another non-vegetarian restaurant right around the corner. It almost cost us our lives, and then we opened a new one.

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We thought that we could conquer the world with three restaurants and two new restaurants within 18 months.

Simon acknowledged that he was wrong about the second restaurant’s success, but he did admit to having made mistakes with the next two.

He confessed that he was not able to do the job because he wasn’t good enough.

We just did it wrong. One of the addresses was wrong. Management side wasn’t correct. My daughter Flo, at that time, was 12 months.

The podcast host shared her discomfort at hearing his story.

She said “I bet,” before saying: “I am short of breath hearing this going, “oh my God, tell me that it was okay?”

Kate said that while the lessons learned by the chef would be “brilliantly useful down the road”, they were not applicable at the moment.

Simon agreed with her and said: “It is exactly that, and it also doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not like, ‘oh, bank have declared they’re going foreclose’.”

Star told of his struggle to restore their restaurant after they lost two members.

Simon said that “literally, we were only three days from having the bank close on us.”

His explanation was: “I don’t believe they’d have taken home our home, even though the bank would be quite ruthless in taking the home of someone with a baby 12 months old.”

It was terrible. He added that he remembered promising the day before that he would not allow such an event to ever happen again.

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