Three New Market Leaders for Dips

Investors and traders should be able to spot market leaders when they appear. This tactic helps you to focus on the top market leaders in order maximize your profits and capitalize on institutional buying that drives prices up. These stocks may be newer names, so it’s important to find new leaders in the market early to maximize your alpha.
It can be difficult to identify these stocks. Below, we have compiled a list of three market leaders you should buy when the dips are low. All these disruptive companies are showing strong relative strength and may turn out to be huge winners in the long-term. We’ll take a closer look below at these outstanding stocks. contributor/ – MarketBeat

Ambarella is a semiconductor processor solution for video. It enables HD video capture and sharing. Ambarella’s products offer many benefits, including advanced driver assistance systems and video security. Ambarella’s truly fascinating artificial intelligence technology, which falls under the category of computer vision, enables edge devices to visually perceive the environment and make decisions based on data that is collected from cameras, which could completely revolutionize both the surveillance and automotive industries.
Stocks have been rising following Ambarella’s most recent earnings report. Ambarella reported Q2 revenue at $79.3million, an increase of 58% over the previous year. Investors should also be encouraged that Ambarella raised its Q3 sales forecasts. Although there may be some supply issues in the short term, Ambarella is a market leader in both the autonomous driving and home security cameras markets.

We have next, a software company which is revolutionizing the way teams work together in the workplace and playing a crucial role in businesses’ operations after a pandemic. Atlassian Corporation offers software products that allow companies to work with the highest efficiency. These include collaboration tools and project management software. The best thing about the software of Atlassian Corporation is its ability to be used by almost all businesses around the globe. This makes it attractive for companies of any size.
The stock has been on fire following Atlassian Corporation’s latest earnings results and has been showing true leadership over the last few trading sessions as the market faltered. Investors should be interested in the steady customer growth, with the company adding over 23,000 customers to its top line last quarter. The company’s top-line grew 30% year-over–year in Q4 reaching $560 million. This disruptive software company can be trusted to take market share away from legacy suppliers. As more businesses pursue digital transformations, investors can expect great things from Atlassian in the coming years.

Affirm Holdings is a leading player in this space. “Buy now and pay later” has become one of finance’s hottest trends. Affirm Holdings just announced solid earnings, and a major partnership agreement with Amazon. This could boost shares even further in the weeks ahead. Buy now, Pay Later services are a way for consumers to split their payments into smaller installments. They are also disrupting consumer lending and credit cards.
Affirm Holdings offers consumers APR payment options and interest-bearing loans and also provides a point-of-sale payment solution and merchant commerce solutions to help retailers avoid swipe fees and lengthy ACH transfers. Total revenue grew by 71% over the past year and Q4’s gross merchandise volume climbed 106% to $2.5 billion. Affirm saw its active merchants grow by 412% during Q4 and reached $2.5 billion. This shows that Affirm is growing at an impressive pace. It should also continue to benefit from the rising demand for the buy-now, pay-later space. If you’re interested in being exposed to an emerging company in a hot sector, consider buying shares on dips. This stock is market leader in fintech stocks.

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