Type 2 diabetes diet: 15 Best Vegetables to Help Keep Your Blood Sugar Under Control

Because carbohydrates have the greatest impact on blood sugar, they are what diabetics need to be aware of.

Because they quickly become glucose, and then absorbed into the bloodstream. This can lead to dangerously high blood sugar levels in diabetics who eat too many carbs at one time.

Diabetic patients will find the GI useful because it indicates how fast the food is likely to affect their blood sugar.

The GI rate of foods ranges from zero to 100. Pure glucose has a GI rating of 100. This is often used as the reference.

High GI foods can quickly be broken down to sugar – glucose – and cause blood sugar spikes.

This includes sugary beverages, white bread, and potatoes that have an GI of around 78.

Because low-GI foods take longer to digest and are absorbed slower, they may help maintain your blood sugar level.

Some fruits and vegetables, wholegrains, and pulses are low-GI food options.

What vegetables are good for controlling blood sugar?

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