Update to NBA 2K22: New features and Launch Notes
Top-rated gamers in the game

Update to NBA 2K22: New features and Launch Notes Top-rated gamers in the game

Update to NBA 2K22: New features and Launch Notes
Top-rated gamers in the game

NBA 2K22 has been released and there are many things going on at the launch.

2K Sports’ latest release dropped Friday on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It is available for Windows, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One. This makes it an exciting time to be a sports gamer. This release is no exception to the rule. In the past, NBA 2K’s first days were not always easy.

Numerous players claimed that the servers crashed after it became available at noon ET. Agent 00 is a YouTuber who has over 1.73 million subscribers and plays this game regularly.

Many players noted that their virtual currency, which can be used to purchase “MyCareer”, mode player upgrades, and packs for MyTeam (2K’s ultimate team feature), was not available immediately. Preorders of the game would have received 5,000 VC and the 25th WNBA Anniversary edition, respectively. 100,000 VC was expected to be for those who ordered it.

Some players discovered that by entering the “MyTeam” option after opening the game, and then restarting the game, the VC would be displayed. However, some players had problems purchasing VC in the-game. VC is available in various increments: 5,000, 15,000, 35,000, 35,000, 75,000, 75,000, 75,000, 75,000, 200,000, 450,000, and 450,000.

After that, the game seemed to have gotten a lot more smoother. 2K said it had released an update at 1:30 pm ET. ET Friday: To fix stability problems and to add PA announcers.

Fans also received their VC, it appeared. Author’s Note: Mine arrived at 5 p.m. ET Friday

We take a look at the storylines that surround NBA2K22’s launch.

NBA 2K22 early reviews

NBA 2K22 was released Friday at 12:01 ET. Many reviewers didn’t get it in time to give their opinions.

Sporting News has collected some early reviews.

Ricky Frech (Review In Progress), IGNPeople say that it feels like the time is slowing down when a player becomes ‘the zone’. The player can clearly see their opponents and anticipate what they might do. As a result, the court seems larger and more welcoming. Although NBA 2K22 isn’t quite able to put me in the zone when I first started playing, the new gameplay and expanded content make it more accessible than the previous versions. 2K22 is a refreshing breath of air. It offers a wide range of ways you can improve your MyPlayer character and important improvements in stamina shooting.

Clutch points, Franz Christian Irorita (Score 9/10).“Our time playing NBA 2K22 was full of fun moments. This is especially true since we are huge fans of the league. We are pleased with the way this year’s entry came out, because there was a lot more content and improvements, particularly for next-gen games. Fans will now have to decide if these new features are worth it. Next-generation versions of the game cost slightly less than current-gen. The extra $10 for next-gen features is worth it, according to our opinion.

NBA 2K22 is sure to appeal to fans who love the game. This may prove difficult for those unfamiliar with the NBA or who don’t enjoy basketball. Even so, the technical wonders that NBA 2K22 has been for the PS5 will be appreciated by all who choose to pick it up.

What is “The City”?

NBA 2K21 launched “The City”, a multi-player map with 4 boroughs, rival affiliations, quests, and other features. However, it wasn’t a huge success.

RATINGS TRACKER: Pre-release list of top players by position

With a maximum of 100 players in a large area, reviewers like IGN’s Ben Vollmer felt the feature felt “empty” with “too much unnecessary padding.” NBA 2K22 introduced “The City”, a new feature with a larger population and more buildings. There are also many other ways to explore the city, such as Inline Skates and Go-Karts.

The revamped open world component will require players to be more grounded, even though there were some crashing problems with Xbox Series X users.

Agent 00 uploaded a YouTube video in which he explored features and upgrades in the game and offered a similar opinion to how people felt about “The City” in NBA2K22.

He stated that despite 2K’s best efforts to make the city easier and more accessible, it is still difficult to reach destinations.

Top-rated players and giveaways

In conjunction with the game’s launch, NBA 2K is releasing codes and giving away prizes on its Twitter page, including VC, hoodies and jerseys.

Codes for VC have been released by Luka Doncic, Kevin Durant, and The Game as cover athletes.

MORE: Complete list of 2K cover athletes

These updates aside, these are the 10 highest rated NBA 2K22 players:

Player The Team All in all
LeBron James Los Angeles Lakers 96
Kevin Durant Brooklyn Nets 96
Giannis Antetokounmpo Milwaukee Bucks 96
Stephen Curry Golden State Warriors 96
Kawhi Leonard Los Angeles Clippers 95
Nikola Jokic Denver Nuggets 95
Joel Embiid Philadelphia 76ers 95
Luka Doncic Dallas Mavericks 94
James Harden Brooklyn Nets 94
Damian Lillard Portland Trail Blazers 94

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