You won't hear any more Dead Space news before next year

You won’t hear any more Dead Space news before next year

You won't hear any more Dead Space news before next year

Since the announcement of Dead Space’s remake at EA Play in July, there has been steady news about it. This despite the fact that the release of this classic horror game on PC is still a ways off. Dead Space is currently in development, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from them for some time.

EA Motive showcased a “early development” build of Dead Space Remake last month. It featured gameplay sections featuring Isaac Clarke, as well as a video comparison between the old and new games. Also included was a “flesh peeling” system for Necromorphs.

It was a fun and surprisingly early look at a game that’s probably not due out until very late 2022 at the earliest, and it seems EA Motive agrees. In a new update on Reddit, the dev team confirms that fans won’t be seeing much of Dead Space until at least next year.

Motive says the team will be working “heads down” on the game and reviewing all of the ideas, theories and suggestions that were shared. Motive looks forward to showing you the results.

This update confirmed that all of what was shown so far had been “a work-in-progress”, and things such as Isaac’s suit or “the aesthetics and ambiance at the Ishimura”, are open for change. A new preview of an in-game section is also available, with the editor as action.

Dead Space Update from Motive from DeadSpace

According to reports, we will hear more information about Dead Space by 2022. Hopefully with more stuff about how Motive is incorporating cut content from the original game.

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