Although I haven’t seen “The Matrix”, here are my thoughts. New trailer

You don’t have to come with me because I have never seen The Matrix.

Technically, I’ve been to a lot, but in my teens, someone played it with a sound system that was so low it had no captioning. While I wanted to get to the bottom of ‘the Zeitgeist, it is really me who was wrong to present The Matrix to people in this poor environment.

But I digress.

Being a social media shopper, I have assimilated basic information over the years. To understand inside jokes, I watched “There is no spoon” clip. I’ve listened to “Clubbed to Death” about a thousand times because it slaps. While I don’t mind watching The Matrix, this is a classic example of “I haven’t yet”. Alexis Nedd, Mashable’s editor, invited me to dinner to watch The Matrix. I will be there as soon as she gets more salmon, but tilapia is also good.

In the meantime, though, I will be watching this trailer to try and make sense. We are sorry.

Okay, I understand The Matrix. But here’s Keanu, in an ordinary-looking therapist’s office. Keanu is called…oh! They just said that. Thomas. Thomas. M…some… I’ll return to this. We are resurrecting the Matrix, and he was living in our coded hellscape as he waited to get back to the Matrix. It’s actually the reverse, isn’t it? We are in the Matrix. Okay, I will move on. Congratulations to Neil Patrick Harris for this gig.

The best shot from the trailer, obv

Rubber ducky! You’re (on/on) the One ….. (This caption was not written by Proma. (
Credit to warner bros./screenshot: mashable

Although it’s not obvious, I find Thomas a little sad.

Carrie Ann Moss! “Have you met?” Yes, you have. I don’t know when or how to ask but I do know that we are in The Matrix. Sighting of the blue pill! I’m not sure what this means. Keanu has been choosing the world for all of these years. One pill allows you to live the lie, and one destroys it. Are you really sure? Are you quite sure, sir?

Maybe it’s me who feels a little sad

Here’s Social Comment.

Here’s one for you to chew one: The first Matrix came out more than a decade before iPhones existed.
Credit to warner bros./screenshot: mashable

Ah, yes! I thought I remembered that Priyanka Chopra was involved in this. A tweet suggested that she could be an older version of the original character. I’m more interested in the giant, prescription-less glasses that she wears and her music which suggests she might be Alice in Wonderland IRL. But I digre–


Although I was aware he was there, it did not stop me from being excited to meet him.

Sighting a red pill! It doesn’t mean anything, but the entire class is now present. Is the Alice in Wonderland analogy as strong in the original films’? This is a lot ….

Okay, so this Yahya fight reminds me of Doctor Strange. I’m not a fan and don’t take pleasure in comparing them! Doctor Strange clearly was inspired by The Matrix’s visual effects and fighting visualizations.

Similar: All the action scenes in this trailer are captivating. The bullet may be significant, but I think everything looks amazing and should see more. Other than the strange bathing practices (charging? ), These pods were the only thing that I recall being horrified by at the dinner party. Perhaps context can help.

Jonathan Groff, are you normal? This guy is “the Matrix”. What is the name of this movie?

(lol, I just rewatched it again and forgot all about Priyanka)

The Matrix Resurrections will be in theaters and HBO Max starting Dec. 25,

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