BBC’s failure to match Emma Raducanu exposes its ‘ignorance’

With a victory in the final Ms Raducanu completed her fairytale run, becoming the first British woman to win a Grand Slam Singles title in 44 years. __S.2__

The tennis star has been nothing but spectacular in her performances.

Yesterday, the BBC was under fire after it emerged that Amazon Prime and Channel 4 had acquired the broadcasting rights to the final.

However, it wasn’t long before Defund launched their attack on BBC broadcaster and called them “irrelevant”. was informed by Rebecca Ryan, Campaign Director of Defund the BBC: “The BBC’s inability to cover Emma Raducanu’s final at US Open proves how irrelevant it is now as a broadcaster.”

The BBC will undoubtedly claim it doesn’t have enough money, but it could cut down on the astronomical salaries and multi-million-pound waste, as well as wake up ‘youth’ programs that no one is seeing, to make it more affordable.

The BBC believes it can spend TV tax money however it pleases. This is why people are turning off TV to avoid having to pay a fine and cancelling their television licence. “

The BBC was initially started by a group o Brexiteers. They began crowdfunding in June.

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Defunding the BBC Head of Press Liam Deacon spoke to talkRadio about the reasons for the formation of the group. “You may think that this was because we had a strong instinct to close the gender pay gap, but in reality it is symptomatic that there is a fundamental structural problem at the BBC. Pay and money are not tied to performance the way they would in a company.”

The BBC uses our money in an absolutely horrifying way.

However, it wasn’t all plain sailing for Channel 4 on Saturday night. The channel’s sound was cut at different points and this caused a frenzy in tweets regarding the issue.

Tony Blair’s ex-spin doctor Alistair Campbell tweeted “Oops… Looks like Amazon Prime or Channel 4 hasn’t sorted out the sound.” Ah, there it is…oops gone again…ah! .”

Another user tweeted, “Channel 4 has opened their huge and expensively acquired US Open final coverage… without any sound.” It was also without a continuity announcement. Oops .”

One user also tweeted “No sound on Channel 4 HD’s tennis coverage. span is not a good start span>

Jessica Pietersen (ex-member of Liberty X) also used Twitter to voice her concern about lack of sound coverage. She tweeted “@Channel4 No sound on tennis?”

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