BMW i Vision Circular explained and illustrated by the BMW i Chief Of Design

We had the opportunity to view BMW’s new i Vision Circular concept car, which was one of the most unique and interesting BMW vehicles in a long time, while at the 2021 IAA. The unusual design makes it quite controversial, as you can see from our comments. Vision concepts don’t have to be produced. They are visions of the future. Kai Langer from BMW i Design explains more about the BMW i Vision Circular.

Langer talked about how we need to rethink our design and construction of cars as the environment changes. This is why the i Vision Circular was entirely made from recycled materials. All of the steel and aluminum are secondary materials. This means that they have been reused elsewhere and can be used again in the i Vision Circular. It helps to continue the cycle of recycling materials, which is why it got its name.

He also spoke about the design itself, which was meant to create a sense of minimalism. For instance, the front end was intentionally oversimplified, reducing the amount of visual information you normally see on a car. The iconic BMW kidney grilles were repurposed as digital headlights, combining the two features and thus reducing the design elements on the front end. The body wasn’t even painted but given a gold effect, again reducing materials.

The interior is recyclable as well. It can also be made from secondary materials, or material that can be repurposed following use of the i Vision Circular. The interior also has some really cool tech that looks like an alien spacecraft console. It also features the Hofmeister Kink inside.

The BMW i Vision Circular is a unique design that helps create a sustainable future in auto-making. Check out this video to learn more.

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