COVID deaths soar – UK death tolls rise 25% in October lockdown fears

The pandemic continues despite the removal of any legal restrictions in England. There are reports that an October lockdown may be implemented, because ministers worry about Covid’s increasing death rate in the UK.

There is no indication that the number of Brits who die within 28 days after a positive Covid testing has slowed.

The latest data provided by the Government reveals deaths are up by an alarming 25.2 percent in the last seven days.

On September 11, 156 deaths were recorded. In the last seven days, 983 Covid-related deaths have been recorded – an increase of 25.2 percent.

Covid has been found on the death certificates of 156,888 individuals. This is a total of 134,144 deaths in 28 days after a positive test.

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According to Government statistics, England’s death rate for 100,000 people within 28 days after the positive test is completed has increased to 208.2.

Wales had 5,726 total deaths, an 180.7 rate, while Scotland’s was 150.8, and Northern Ireland’s was 129.1.

You can also see the regional performance by breaking down this data further:

  • North East: 7210 deaths at a rate of 269
  • West Midlands: 15696 deaths at a rate of 263.3
  • East England: 15 448 deaths at a rate of 246.4
  • East Midlands: 11976 deaths at a rate of 246.1
  • Yorkshire and The Humber: 13 321 deaths at a rate of 241
  • South East: 21202 deaths at a rate of 230
  • London: 19738 deaths at a rate of 209.3
  • South West: 8.426 deaths at a rate of 148.9

What is the UK’s performance compared to other countries

According to data from Our World in Data, the UK’s death rate is alarmingly high when compared to other countries.

In its Covid death rate, the UK is ranked above France, Canada and Germany.


This news is coming after ministers expressed increasing concern that the NHS might be overloaded this winter.

The “firebreak” lockdown could be used to combat rising infections, hospitalisations, and deaths as we head towards flu season in the UK.

According to a senior Government scientist, plans have been made for an October lockdown according to iNews.

The Department of Education, however, denied that the report was true and stated it was not true.

It tweeted: “It’s not true that government plans a lockdown/firebreak around October half-term.”

A spokesperson for Downing Street also supported the statement.

The Government did not plan to lockdown or set fire to the Oct half-term, they said.

The spokesperson did not rule out another lockdown.

A spokesperson stated that the Government maintains contingency plans in responsible planning. However, such measures will only be reinstated as an option to stop unsustainable pressure on NHS.

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