Deadloop: PS5 and Steam PC release dates and times confirmed

Deathloop, a next-generation exclusive title in gaming, is an even more distinctive release.

It will not be made available to everyone on PS4 even though it is popular.

It is also unique in that the exclusive PS5 console edition was made by Microsoft publisher.

Although the deal was already in place when Microsoft purchased Bethesda it is still a rare situation.

Deathloop, a first-person shooter created by Dishonored is something that many have already heard about.

You can use it in many different ways, but some parts share the same DNA.

Deathloop, however, is very different from Dishonored. Its story centers around an assassin trapped in a place where they can’t die.

According to the story description, “You wake up at the beach with no memories of how or who you were.” You are greeted by a mysterious message that urges you to “break” the time loop.

You are trapped on an island with people trying to kill and you’re stuck there. Then you die and then you wake up on the same beach. The day ends. Beach. Die. Beach.

It’s enough for you to get sick of the beaches. It’s enough to make you sick to listen to the floating messages, and to do something about the time loop. This is Colt’s Deathloop journey. Stop the cycle of death by taking out the culprits and perhaps you can escape the island Blackreef.

It sounds interesting, so don’t wait to get started with Deathloop.


Deathloop will be released on PS5 this week, and PC next week. It won’t be available on Xbox Series X until then.

Digital preload for those who are able to play is now available on PlayStation 5 or PC. It will begin on the console 48 hours prior to DEATHLOOP launch in your area, and globally at 1:00 p.m. EDT September 12th.

Bethesda also confirmed that Deathloop’s release time for PS5 was set at Midnight on September 14, 2020.

Deathloop in North America will be unlocked at 12:01 AM ET, September 14th.

This chart is needed to keep everyone updated on the PC launch times.

Three regional unlock times will be available for PC (Steam,

North/South America Unlocks at 9 :01 PM Pacific Time, September 13, (12:01 AM ET September 14,).

Australia/New Zealand/Asia – Unlocks at 8.01 am Pacific Time, September 13, (12:01 AM JST September 14,).

Europe/Rest-of-world: Unlocks at 4:01pm Pacific Time on September 13 (12:01am BST, September 14).

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