Fortnite Operation Sky Fire UK Time and Login Server Warning for Event Playlist

After a lengthy season involving an alien invasion, Fortnite fans are getting ready for Operation Sky Fire.

Operation Sky Fire will conclude Season 7. It is scheduled for release on September 12.

UK residents will need to wait until the 9 PM BST time zone to participate in this event. It revolves around an alien invasion.

Epic Games advises that you log in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, even though the event won’t begin until 9 p.m. UK time.

Operation Sky Fire will be accessible at 8.30pm UK Time, but it might be worthwhile jumping in earlier.

Once the event ends, it will not be replayable so make sure you get to the server early.

Operation Sky Fire supports lobbies up to 16 persons, which is a plus. This means you can have fun with many of your friends.

Epic says that the Operation: Sky Fire playlist will be accessible 30 minutes before mission start so players can jump in to reserve their spots.

You should log in on time and be ready for the go-time. Slone can be joined by 16 of your friends in a lobby. So bring all the members to the event and help with Slone’s secret mission.

The alien invasion is the theme of this event. Players will have to enter The Last Reality in order to send a message.

Slone, a Epic post states that Slone is plotting to stop the Invasion by putting the Mothership’s eyes on Corny Complex’s secret base of the Imagined Order.”

You’ve responded to her calls and worked undercover for the IO – now it’s your turn to invade The Last Reality to put an end to the Alien’s occupation.”

The game is expected to be taken offline after the event ends. It is possible that it will be back when season 8 begins in September 2013.

Epic is reminding players that the Season has ended and they must complete all missions before gold bars can be purchased.

This means that new seasons will start almost immediately, or after some extended downtime.

Island residents are offering goods for a reduced price to ensure that players can spend their gold bars.

All outstanding Battle Stars can be redeemed for random rewards. This applies to alien artifacts as well.

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