Fortnite Season 8 Trailer revealed. Carnage Battle Pass Surprise

New Fortnite Season 8 trailers have been shared, and others are being shared for later today.

A teaser video has already been posted, giving some clues about Battle Pass.

The video includes a brief look at the new skin, which appears to be intended for Marvel’s character Carnage. It’s been a tradition for crossovers to occur, and it makes sense that something similar would be part of the new Venom movie featuring Carnage, the villainous symbiote.

A teaser trailer gave a glimpse at the changes that will take place on the island in Season 8 including the crash of the alien mothership.

There were other references to Kevin the Cube’s return, which suggests that vents may be coming back in one form or another.

Epic Games announced that they would be dropping the complete Season 8 trailer for Fortnite.

According to current times, the trailer will be available at 6am BST (September 13, 2021).

A new trailer is available, so gamers can expect a detailed rundown on what the Battle Pass will include.

When the game becomes playable again, a special Season 8 Battle Pass trailer is available. It should contain the most powerful skins and the best special items.

However, gamers will need to wait for servers to come back up before they can see everything in Season 8.


The Fortnite Season 8 downtime has begun, but the countdown will stop and all servers will be down at 7 AM BST.

Epic Games warns that the game may not be playable at this time, but they will continue to work on it.

This means that Fortnite Season 8 maintenance will be ongoing past 7 am BST, and may continue for several hours.

Epic Games has just sent out the following message: “Cubes currently take over Fortnite due to Operation: Sky Fire. They are shaping up Season…

“Server downtime for Chapter 2 Season 8 (v18.00) begins September 13 at 02:00 AM ET (06:00 UTC). Keep checking back for more updates

You won’t be able to use Fortnite during this Cube Takeover. Protect the Island!

S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.”

Fortnite Season 8 officially begins Monday, September 13th, 2021 across PlayStation 3, Xbox, Nintendo and Mobile platforms.

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