Fury: A councillor claims that desperate Afghans will be flown to the UK in order to ‘blow us up.

Sheila Day, a member of the parish council made this shocking comment to the members while they were getting briefed about a flight that was being arranged for Afghan refugees fleeing Afghanistan after the Taliban tookover.

Ms Day (78) asked whether Kingshurst Parish Council officials based in Birmingham were ready for Afghans to “blowing up” them.

The comment was met with gasps by both those who took part in the exercise and others watching.

After the public had left, Ms Day was read the “riot act” by David Cole, acting chair of the council.

Birmingham Live was told by Mr Cole that he instructed the councillors at the conclusion of the meeting to leave.

“Ms Day instantly apologised without reservation and I accept the council’s apology.”

A witness to the meeting stated that he felt “embarrassed” as well as “blown away” at her remarks.

One other said that her comments were not helpful as the families need help to settle in after their arrival.

Although it’s believed that she immediately apologised for the comments and later retracted them, Ms Day continues to stand by her statements.

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“We’re inviting them all into the country for houses and jobs.”

Also, she didn’t believe that all Afghans brought to Britain had been trained with British forces.

Ms Day claimed that the Taliban will try to “smuggle in people to the country to cause mayhem and blow us up, or do whatever else”.

Director of Migrant Voice charity, Nazek Ramadan condemned the remarks.

She stated that these comments were inappropriate and inflamatory, which she said would fuel racism. They incite hatred and spread misinformation.

We should not lose sight of welcoming Afghan families to the UK.

We’ve witnessed overwhelming support from British citizens, who have stepped up and provided all sorts of assistance for their fellow humans in times of crisis.”

The UK government has committed to resettle 10,000 Afghan refugees in 2015 and another 20,000 over the long-term.

International Rescue Committee has stated that their numbers are not adequate.

They wrote on their website: “This is totally inadequate considering the size of the need and the UK’s ability to help.

“It’s urgent that the government accelerates the pace and scale of Afghan refugees being resettled, and not wait five years.

“It’s also important that the UK reviews any refused asylum claims of Afghans still living in the UK.”

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