Gran endures the pigeon droppings as a ‘nightmare’ that keeps her garden in check

Louise Johnson (48) spoke out against the problem of pigeons. Because of the 50 or so pigeons that live in her roof, she said it is difficult to enjoy her garden and dry clothes.

Ms. Johnson has multiple medical conditions, and she is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

In April, she first raised her concern about the situation among the flock of pigeons. The situation has continued for the past few months.

She is worried about how the pigeons affect her health, at 48 years old.

She stated, “My body cannot take it. It’s completely disgraceful.”

Hull Live spoke to Ms Johnson, who said that she had raised this long-standing issue with the council over the years but was not able to get any results.

According to her, she doesn’t enjoy living this way. My garden should belong to me, my daughter and her friends and also my grandson.

It’s not within the bounds and it is disgusting.

Ms Johnson shared with the council that “it will be done” but didn’t specify when.

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According to her, the response of the council is not satisfactory and she claimed that trying contact the council regarding the issue was like “talking to brick walls”.

Ms Johnson considered moving but said that she had been there for 11 years and should not be leaving.

Hull Live was informed by Ms Johnson in April that the continuing pigeon issues were due to the roofing solar panels.


In April, a spokesperson for Hull City Council stated that the solar panels had been installed in 2012. To prevent birds from nesting underneath the panels in 2019, netting was added to them. The video shows the installation.

Solar panels are a great option for tenants as they can significantly reduce their energy costs. The environment also benefits from solar panels, which provide clean energy.

We will send a surveyor out to investigate further the matter.”

Ms Johnson stated that it was also correct to install netting in 2019. However, “the pigeons got under and lived there again.”

A surveyor had not visited the property since April, she said.

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