How do you create an audio version for a too long-to-read book? Article

You may find long articles or features difficult to read. Why not make them audio? It doesn’t matter if you are researching for school or work, or just reading for fun, you should convert the text from audio to MP3 so you can play it on your mobile phone or computer.

A free, easy-to use online tool has been tested by us. It can be used to create an audio version for any long-to-read article. (We’ll let the reader decide!) It takes only minutes to create an article.

This is how it works.

Text-to-speech (Free TTS): A simple-to use, cost-free service that allows you to send text messages.

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Although there are many text-to-voice options available, the one we recommend is quite affordable. Free TTS allows you to convert 6,000 characters a week into audio for free. It also offers the ability to save audio files as MP3 files, which is a difference from other websites that provide a basic service.

Once you’ve copied the text you want converted, head to the site. Copy the text and paste it into the text box located on the homepage.

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Select one of the supported languages from the drop-down list below the text box. You can also select the voice that you wish to hear from the drop-down menu “Voices”.

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Click the “Convert MP3” button. You will be able to play the audio file. To listen immediately, hit the play button.

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You may also download the audio in MP3 format by clicking on “Download MP3” then click “Download” in a new tab.

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Click the three-dot menu icon to the right of your audio file’s window and the download option will be displayed. Click this to download the MP3 file into your default folder.

Speech Synthesis Markup Language

We recommend Free TTS because it supports Speech Synthesis Markup Language.

SSML, an XML-based markup languages, allows you to customize your audio. It “tells” the website how to read it by giving details about pauses and audio formatting.

If you are happy with the site reading your text aloud, you don’t have to use SSML. However, if the file you want is more refined, you will find the list of SSML codes you can use at the bottom of this site’s home page.

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If you’re looking to try new things, it is not difficult. You can enter a number to have the audio file include a pause in a particular place.There.

More characters can be purchased for a fee

If you want to convert more than 6,000 characters in a week, Free TTS does offer paid plans.

You can receive 1,000,000 characters 24 hours after paying $6 for a one-time, no-subscription payment. You can get 2,000,000 characters for $19 if you pay monthly. Pro-level is available for $99 and allows you to access 10,000,000 characters per year. Select the one that suits you best and get started listening.

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