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How to make Instagram Highlights

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Instagram Stories are only temporary, but it’s great!

We’d like to show you Instagram Highlights. These allow you to select content from your Insta Stories or archives and place it in a special “Highlights” section of your profile.

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Was there anything important that you could capture on your Story Get engaged? Get a job. You want to go to a concert. You can make it a Highlight by adding it to your Story. How to make one.

You have a number of options. But before you get started, you will need an Instagram Story. You can then access many ways to make it a Highlight.

1. To add a Highlight, go to your Profile Page and tap “Story Highlights” under the tab.

Add a Highlight.
Credit: screenshot: instagram


Click on the + button at the top of your profile page. Next, tap on “Story Highlight.” Next, tap “Story Highlight.

Click the plus sign at the top of the screen, and then choose “Story Highlight.” Tap the “+” symbol at the top right, then select “Story Highlight.
Credit: screenshot: instagram

You can get to the screen by choosing either of these options:

The Highlight selection screen
Credit: screenshot: instagram

2. Tap “Next” to select the Highlight from your Story. Click “Next” to continue reading.

3. You can edit your cover as often as you like. Tap “Add” to give your Highlight a name. Give your Highlight a title and tap “Add.

Edit your Highlight cover and title it.
Credit: screenshot: instagram

4. Now, your Highlight will appear on Instagram.

View your Highlight here.
Credit: screenshot: instagram

A Highlight can be created directly from your Story.

1. 1.

2. Tap “Highlight” at the bottom of the screen when you reach the frame that you wish to Highlight.

Tap “Highlight” on the bottom right of the frame you want to Highlight.
Credit: screenshot: instagram

3. It can be used to create another Highlight or added to an existing Highlight.

Create a new Highlight or add to another one.
Credit: screenshot: instagram

4. You can create a brand new Highlight by giving it a title, and then tap “Add.” You can also click “Add” to create a new Highlight.

5. To add the frame to another Highlight simply tap on it and it will be added. This frame will appear right after your first Highlight frame.

Your Highlight collection can be viewed under your name, bio and profile.

View your Highlights here.
Credit: screenshot: instagram

Another way to make a Highlight? Access your Story Archive

1. Tap the Menu icon at the top-right corner of your Profile Page.

2. 2. Tap the “Archive” button in the menu.

Create a Highlight from your Archive.
Credit: screenshot: instagram

3. Select a frame in your Archive to be transformed into a Highlight.

4. Steps 2-5: See the above, “create a highlight directly in your Story”, and then repeat steps 2 through 5.

That’s how you create Highlights. You can find a memorable moment in your Instagram Story or Archive and highlight it on your profile. This will allow you to share with your friends. Happy Highlighting!

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