Karate Kid Part 2 featured an edited scene taken from the earlier film

The Karate Kid Daniel LaRusso, Ralph Macchio’s karate instructor was victorious over the Cobra Kai Dojo in the final round of the tournament. Daniel-san then launched a devastating final attack on Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), winning both the fight and championship. However, this was not how the movie ended originally.

The original script instead showed that the rivalry was continuing into the parking lot at the venue.

This scene was removed from the original Karate Kid film. However, Karate Kid Part 2 production began ten days later.

As the opening scene in the second movie, the previously deleted scene was restored to the film.

Daniel-san (Pat Morita), and Mr Miyagi were present as Sensei John Kreese attacked his students.

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This stressful situation culminated with Mr Miyagi intervening to stop Kreese hurting any more students.

He honked at the man’s nose in a humorous final scene to show how powerful he really was.

A second scene was cut from the film’s production but it was never included in the final series.

According to IMDB the original plan was to introduce Webster Miyagi, a mystery character.

The shady individual was supposed to make Miyagi “extremely uncomfortable”.

Karate Kid Part 2 would also feature a scene in which Elizabeth Shue’s character Ali broke up with LaRusso.

Instead, she was instead given a throwaway sentence, explaining how they broke apart.

These are just a few of the many surprising parts to Karate Kid Part 2

The film was filmed in America, even though it is set in Okinawa (Japan), for the majority of its scenes.

John G Avildsen, the director and writer of the film, moved production to Hawaii instead.

It was due to its similar scenery, spectacular views and large Okinawan population that it looked legitimate on the big screen.

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