Kristen Stewart was lulled to sleep by Princess Diana’s voice during Spencer film

Later this year Kristen Stewart will hit the silver screen as Diana, Princess of Wales, in Spencer. This film is about the story of Princess Diana, People’s Princess, who died in 1991. It also explores the time she left Prince Charles and her relationship with the royals. Stewart revealed that she worked hard to get her role as real as possible. She even listened to voice clips from the princess.

Stewart stated in a recent interview that he had consumed all the videos and interviews available to him. (Via the Sun Sunday).

American stars have paid close attention to Princess Diana’s speech, and no doubt perfected her unique voice.

Stewart explained that this involved listening unconsciously to the princess.

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Stewart stated, “I have seen everything you can hear and see.” It’s even on my bed when I go to sleep.

Given the influence the Royal had on British culture, it’s not surprising Stewart spent so many hours perfecting her part in the movie.

Stewart continued: “She’s very important to me. But it’s still relatively recent because I am from Los Angeles and wasn’t raised in England.

She was never something I thought about before this. It was because she lived far from me. She is always in my thoughts.

I often wonder what my mother would think of the current state of affairs in the world.

Stewart stated at the Venice International Film Festival, “I believe she was simply desperate to uncover some truth within an environment steeped with the energy of.

“As an outsider I can tell that the Brits tend to have the rigid-upper-lip mentality. That is my go-to generalization.”

Pablo Larrain (Director of Spencer) had only great words to say about Twilight’s former star.

She said that she had “never felt afraid” of the role. He said, “I had.”

Larrain stated that “On many occasions… Contrary to what is usually the case, she held onto her strength. It was a movie she carried.

“I did, of course, my job. It was directed by me. It was a film that I directed, and the orchestra became a movie. But she is the force of nature.”

Spencer arrives in cinemas November 5.


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