Marcus Rashford’s very first high-performance car Motoring passion ‘kickstarted’

The first Audi RS4 he owned was a “superspeed” model that was valued at PS60,000. CarFinance 24/7 experts say Rashford now has stunning models from top manufacturers.

The Sun reports that the player chose the Range Rover Velar model by Urban Automotive.

This firm modifies luxury cars, which allows the vehicle to be equipped with cool upgrades.

Louis Rix (Co-Founder, CarFinance24/7) said that the Range Rover Velar was now “footballer’s favorite” model.

Marc Rashford was proud to drive the Audi RS4, his first car. It is a powerful variant of the A4 classic.

Rashford was able to enjoy superspeed with the 2.7 V6 bi-turbo motor. This is what sparked his love for powerful, quality cars. He recently added a PS150K Mercedes-AMG G63 equipped with a 4.0 V8 engine.

It joins Range Rover Velar’s 5.0L V8 engine, the favourite of footballers.

It was named the “most beautiful car in the world” at the 2018 Car Awards.

Sky Sports F1 announced last week that Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and their new F1 teammate were driving a VW Polo.

Since then, he has owned several stunning Mercedes-Benzes and can often be seen outside washing them.

CarFinance 24/7 previously disclosed that Hamilton had purchased a Mini Cooper as his first vehicle.

According to motoring experts, a simple VW was the first choice of the Duchess.

Kate Middleton had a VW Golf in her University days, before she switched to an Audi A3.

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