Megan McCubbin and Chris Packham were forced to Show delay for “personal reasons”

Megan McCubbin (25-year-old Autumnwatch host) has revealed how Chris Packham, her stepdad, delayed the last episode of their show due to “personal factors”. Megan spoke exclusively to to explain how Chris and her new BBC series Chris & Meg’s Wild Summer were delayed while they toured the UK with a campervan in order to see British wildlife.

Megan shared her thoughts on the summer with Chris (60), and said that they had spent a few months traveling the length of the United States filming six of their series.

She stated that she was literally back from the filming of the final episode two days earlier.

It did take a bit longer than expected, but the final episode was still being filmed. This is due to personal reasons.

The environmentalist said that the trip was used to reconnect with nature and spend time with her stepfather.

Megan said, “It was an opportunity to reconnect with British wildlife. It’s something neither Chris nor me have done in a long time.”

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Megan, a zoologist, is Chris’ former partner Jo. Despite splitting, he and Megan have maintained close relationships.

The star made a joke about their adventures, stating that her and her stepfather were too far apart to stay in the van the entire time.

We were traveling in an electric campervan, and we stayed at hotels. Chris and I may be close to each other, but we aren’t that close. Megan agreed.

Elle continued: “We covered everything from Pembrokeshire to the Western Isles so there was plenty of time to interact with wildlife.”

We used to go on a lot of trips together so that we could connect with wildlife. You can also see stark differences between the managed environments and those which are not.

Star continued to share her surprise at discovering areas of exceptional natural beauty that were devoid of wildlife when these should have been full of plants and animals.

Megan stated, “It is quite surprising, a lot people will be going to these places of outstanding beauty like the national parks and one thing we talk about is how desolate it is.

It’s not possible to go to lakes and peak areas, which are beautiful places that should have wildlife.

Megan supports Go Organic’s effort to get people to act on endangered species.

The Wildlife Trusts has found that 40% of all insect species face extinction.


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Megan, an environmentalist, supports the campaign. She encourages shoppers to change their buying habits in order to purchase organic produce and advocates for healthier farming practices that protect biodiversity.

Megan listed these species (hedgehog, grey partridge and bumblebee) to address the harsh reality of their uncertain future.

She stated that these are animals which should be kept in the back yard, but for most of us they are not.

“We have lost 41% of our wildlife abundance in the UK over the past 70 years. It’s a sad fact that many people aren’t aware of it disappearing because they grew up in a degraded environment.”

Elle continued, “The UK has one of Europe’s most depleted natural countries. We are terrible in terms biodiversity. Things like the hedgehog and the bumblebee are our national favorites, they are species that we absolutely love.”

Megan continued to discuss what people can do to protect biodiversity’s future.

She stated that consumers can help in some way, but they must do more to protect the species we love.

Organic shopping is about thinking carefully and connecting dots.

She concluded, “I always said there was power in our pounds,” and she stood by her statement. It can make a huge impact on organic businesses, farmers, and people who place the environment at their heart. This is exactly what we need to do now, more than ever.

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