Millions of people use popular iOS and Android apps. Next month, lower

The Epic Games team stated that the decision not to close the app was made “with great care” and they will continue to develop other meaningful ways for Epic Games users to interact across their “family”.

Houseparty’s team stated that “Millions” of users have been using Houseparty since its launch in 2016. We’re happy to announce that Houseparty will be ending in October.

We don’t take our decision to stop using the app lightly. Houseparty was created to make people feel connected even though they are physically separated. We can’t express our gratitude enough to you for using Houseparty to celebrate the most important events in your lives. Houseparty was there for everything, from birthdays to marriage proposals, and family games nights, as well as other important events. We are even more grateful that Houseparty allowed us to share our year together.

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