Pen Farthing replies to “Not certain who Kirstie Allsopp” Host row: Twitter abuse

Pen was able to raise PS365,000 through donations to help him charter a plane to transport his employees and the animals that he had sheltered with his charity.

In view of her 424,000 followers, she wrote: “If you were to leave Afghanistan or try to rescue a family member, it would be difficult to imagine how dogs and cats could fly to the UK, but humans, not animals.”

Kirstie said this morning that her opinions on the subject have left her vulnerable to Pen’s followers.

Star continued, “All that I did was to ask questions about the message being sent regarding our priorities in Britain, and I never attacked anyone. Yet, the abuse that resulted is unmatched by anything else I’ve ever seen on social media.”

Publiated at Sun, 12 September 2021 13:42.41 (+0000).

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