Reverse image searching from your smartphone:

It might be difficult to perform a reverse image search using your mobile browser. We have found the simplest solution to this problem is to use Google’s Chrome browser on Android or iOS. Reverse image searches are made easy with this browser.

This is a simple explanation of how to do it.

Search 101 for reverse images

Google’s “Search by Image” functionality is a useful feature that carries out a reverse image search, allowing you to look for related images by uploading an image or an image URL. Advanced algorithms are used to analyse the submitted image and identify similar images.

Reverse image searching is easy on a computer desktop. Just go to and click on the little camera icon in the search bar.

Credit Screengrab: Google

You can now either copy the URL of an image that you have seen online or upload one from your computer. Or drag and drop an image directly into the search field.

Reverse image searching on a mobile device

You can use reverse image search on iOS and Android phones or tablets by downloading Google Chrome Browser for iOS or Android.

Credit Screengrab: Google

You can download the browser free of charge from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

You can simply press and hold the image while you are browsing the Chrome browser on your smartphone.

Credit: Screengrab: Google

After you have done the long-press, the menu will open. Tap “Search Google For This Image”. Google will then perform its smart “Search by Image” function.

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