Ruth Langsford is overwhelmed with support, as she posts video of Mum ‘battered, bruised and battered’

Ruth Langsford, 61, is very close with her mum Joan, with whom she often spends Sundays enjoying a sumptuous roast dinner with. However this week, the This Morning star was unable to see her mum for their weekly culinary treat, after Joan had suffered a nasty fall, leaving her “battered and bruised”.

Ruth posted on Instagram this morning to inform her family that she would not be able to join her mother and Eamonn Holmes in Surrey because of a bad fall.

Loose Women’s presenter, Joan With Maggie shared an emotion-filled message with fans.

She’s fallen and there is no Sunday Lunch for her today. Ruth revealed that although there was nothing broken, she had suffered a lot from her poor and battered love.

Ruth assured her fans that she was happy to see her mom despite the accident and wrote, “She still needs a walking frame for her daily activities. But typical Mum, she is strong and joyful as always. Maggie sending her healing love.

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Ruth’s sad news was met with overwhelming support from her fans who rushed to post their condolences in the comments section.

Presenter spends Sunday cooking and visiting her mom at home. She delights fans with heartfelt videos that show their close relationship.

Izzi Warner, a Gogglebox star wrote, “Aww, bless her, I hope she’s back at herself soon.”

A fan said: Big cuddle to your beautiful mum. Hope she is well soon.”

Many people are concerned about what happens if someone dies and they don’t know who it is.

“I have seen my mother through a glass, I call her every day, but I haven’t touched her physically and that’s always a concern.”

Elle continued, “I cannot praise the care staff at my mother’s home enough. They are amazing.” They are busy, but they do their jobs.

Ruth was criticised on Instagram for posting an April photo of Joan visiting her in the care home.

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