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“Scenes From a Marriage” is an unscripted, but raw collection of scenes. Performance powerhouse

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rarely would like the chance to see a movie or show about a marriage in crisis, but these stories resonate strongly in the hands of those who are skilled. HBO’s Scenes From a Marriage is a show like this. Although we weren’t expecting the emotional rollercoaster ride it offers, the experience is captivating and cathartic.

In episode 1, Mira (Jessica Chastain), and Jonathan (Oscar Isaac), a couple who are married with a child and have a lot of love and respect for each other. Although they don’t have any problems, the opening scene of episode 1 is filled with fear. This isn’t a glimpse into the nuptial bliss, as the façade is rapidly removed.

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The series already had all of the attention it needed thanks to a viral Venice Film Festival video. It demonstrated, in less than 60 seconds, that Isaac Chastain and Chastain have a tumultuous yet hypnotic chemistry. The couple pour their hearts into Mira, Jonathan, being comfortable, passionate and passionate. They also make it easy for Jonathan to be virulent and copacetic. This creates a believable and heartbreaking relationship that will last a lifetime. Isaac expertly explores Jonathan’s frustrations without becoming a cartoon of anger, and Chastain’s tears — no matter how quiet or fitful — will wrench your heart.

I too need a hug after watching this show.

Scenes From a Marriage works best when it is the most minimally produced. A couple of random interludes see Isaac and Chastain stepping onto the set. This distracts from the powerful performances and heavy-handedly highlights the Scenes portion. Levi’s skilled writing captures Mira’s complex marriage. He never makes Jonathan look bad and allows them to explore their emotions. Although their struggles and obstacles are predictable, Levi’s execution is exceptional. You long to see him tackle new exciting stories.

The series is still very accessible. It’s slow, meditative and sometimes downright tedious as characters battle for their lives. Mira and Jonathan might wish they could fast-forward to the fight’s end or go back to a more happy moment. But, neither can they. It’s difficult to let go of their hope and discomfort in real time.

Scenes From a Marriage may not be a revelatory title, but it is a great vehicle for Chastain and Isaac to show off their serious finesse. Although it’s a wealth of treasures, the tale is not too familiar. It was carefully written and executed with care.

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Scenes From a Marriage will premiere Sunday, September 9th at 9:59 p.m. ET on HBO Max. New episodes are added weekly.

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