Six hidden facts you absolutely missed “Malignant”

Malignant is an absurdly wonderful movie. It gets more ridiculous and more amazing every time it’s viewed.

The terrifying new film from James Wan, director and producer of the movie, was released in theaters as well as streaming online on HBO Max through Oct. 10. It set horror-loving audiences ablaze with its bizarre narrative and fearless execution. Prospective viewers initially thought Madison Miller’s (Annabelle Wallis), hellish story was a typical possession tale, similar to previous Wan films like Insidious or The Conjuring.

However, anyone who has seen Malignants completely unhinged content can confirm that this film is different from anything else. Wan, Ingrid Bisu (executive producer) and Akela Cooper (screenwriter), created Malignant’soutrageous tale. If you are preparing for your first watch, stop reading. If you are a veteran obsessive who has advanced from a novice viewer, continue reading.

These are six amazing hidden details from Malignant that you almost certainly missed the first attempt, but which you should definitely double-back to discover. (Get it? Do you want to double-back? (He he.

1. 1.

Wow, they really just come out and say it.
Credit: photo by Warner Bros.

Malignant takes a huge risk for a movie that’s best known for its plot twists and turns, but it is a film with a lot to sell.

The opening credits will introduce the film and the slasher antagonist after the combat-laden flashback at Simion Research Hospital. You’ll find medical records that detail Madison’s plot. They are hidden behind the titles and names. The biggest revelation is the fact that Gabriel, the homicidal madman, has been placed at Madison’s neck, and slowly takes over her body. They just say it.

Diagrams of the anatomy that connects Madison and Gabriel are included, as well as documents and charts detailing their childhood and early treatment. It’s also intercut with footage from their horrific separation which Gabriel explains later on in the film.

Although the images are fast enough to not spoil the viewer’s first viewing, you will be shocked at how bold Malignant announces its intentions in the final act. There is no “time to get rid of cancer” as good as the current, I suppose.

2. Gabriel seizes Madison’s mind for 2 days at the beginning

Madison’s not home, detective.

After Gabriel (Jake Abel) kills Madison’s POS-husband, she is admitted to the hospital. Madison refuses to talk to Detective Kekoa Shaw, George Young, about her attack. Madison’s adoptive sister Sydney (Maddie Hasson), says that Madison has been acting strangely for the past two days. She explains her bizarre behavior by blaming grief over Madison losing her husband, unborn child and.

Later, it was revealed that Gabriel can control Madison through intense hallucinations. Although it isn’t stated in this scene, it seems that she’s experiencing intense hallucinations. We see that this sinister power from Gabriel leaves Madison in a kind trance-like state, allowing him to control her movements and puppet her limbs.

Is Madison seeing what he had made Madison see part of his plan to abduct Serena May (Jean Louisa Kelly), their mother, and then sneak her into Madison’s attic. Oder was there something else?

3. Madison says it actually, and the twist more times than once

Oooooh, I see you what you mean now.

Yes, Madison is aware that Gabriel is not Madison’s imaginary friend. __S.52__ Finding these metaphors-turned-Easter eggs is fun to do on your own, but if you’re looking for just one: The most notable instance happens around 25 minutes in, after Madison has a scare with a bunch of flickering lights and freaky noises.

Through shaky breathing, she says that “there’s no one there”. It’s all my imagination. It all lies in my head. It all lies in my head. Yes, it is! There, at the back your skull.

4. Gabriel moves his feet and hands backwards with his hands.

To think, I mistook his twisty-grabby gestures for dramatics.

Gabriel is a strange looking character from the beginning. However, it will take freezing a few scenes to see the most interesting thing about Gabriel: His hands and feet are used backwards. __S.69__

Because Gabriel can’t use Madison’s eyes (again, she’s in that trance) and his are located on the back of her head, the walking-talking-murdering teratoma twists his body to see and strike simultaneously. As a result his thumbs and feet are always oriented in the wrong direction, which makes everything around him a bit more off.

The scene in which Gabriel bludgeons Dr. Florence Weaver, (Jacqueline McKenzie), is the clearest example of Gabriel’s hands moving the wrong way. This includes the moment when Gabriel grabs the trophy off the table. You can also see Dr. Victor Fields’ (Christian Clemenson), best example of Gabriel’s hands going in the wrong direction as he puts his hand on the bed. It’s very cool, even though it is bloody!

I *almost* feel silly missing this one.
Credit: screenshot: warner bros.

5. Even when he needs to, he can even walk backwards

We are only able to appreciate the unique movements of Gabriel when he goes full Bladein his jail cell. You’ll see some impressive movements from Marina Mazepa (the contortionist that acts as Gabriel’s physical body), if you keep your eyes on the backwards feet and hands throughout the film.

As Gabriel runs away from the crime scene, you can see a wonderful example of Mazepa balancing this delicate balance (Amir AboulEla). As Gabriel turns the corner in front of Gregory’s apartment he sprints his backwards/his forearms. It’s so smooth you’ll miss it every time. Next, Mazepa pulls off some amazing stunts on the fire escape that are worth watching even at half speed. You’ll see Madison’s face at Gabriel’s back/front if you look closely.

6. __S.90__

Florence, how beautiful! It doesn’t look good for Florence.
Credit: photo by Warner Bros.

Wan is a master at creating a slasher symbol out of Gabriel. Gabriel’s weapon, a surgical gold statue made into an ornate knife by Wan, is a significant part of this. It’s actually so important to Gabriel and Malignant that it is featured in the first shot.

You’ll be able to see Gabriel the statue still in its original form in Dr. Weaver’s introductory video diary. Wow!

Malignant can be seen in theatres or streamed with the HBO Max ad free plan.

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